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Swap Party by TextilwerkstattXo

The biggest and cheapest fashion store is our wardrobe.

Swap, sell and buy clothes

Most of us have too many clothes and accessories lying unused in our wardrobes.
Those people who tried to sell their old pieces online didn’t have, until today, a trustworthy place where to meet their buyer. For this reason, we’ve decided to make our shop available for a cause that benefits us all. People can meet at our shop and use the fitting rooms for free. Our shop is always available for those who want to meet, during our opening hours.
Every Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00, starting in September, we are going to organize events with a new topic each time. Everyone can bring clothing and accessories in the shop in order to sell, buy or swap them. No appointment is needed. Just come by! We will just ask you to respect the topic of the event.
Event rules:
  • If you want to sell your clothes, you may place them on the clothing stands and on the tables that have been prepared for you.
  • In order to differentiate your clothing from that of other resellers, you will be given some sticker on which you can write your name and eventually the amount you are charging to sell your clothes. This sticker has to be attached to every single item.
  • We also suggest that you put a sticker on yourself with your name, so that you may be clearly recognizable for the potential buyer.

This event will be totally self-managed. Textilwerkstatt Xo is not responsible for any clothing or accessories and will not take part in any arrangements between buyers and sellers.

Additionally, this event should not interfere in any way with the routine of the alterations shop. It will be given priority at our customers for using the fitting rooms.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our shop. Participating in these events will benefit not just you, but the community in which you live and the planet.


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